Cupcake Loves: Candice

Posted: Jan 16 2014

Inspiration via Candince Swanepoel

We don't just find her inspirational because she is one of the world's top models at the moment, we find her inspirational because of the healthy live she lives. Candice eats lots of lean proteins and vegetables and enjoys jumping rope and boxing to stay fit. Her personal trainer mixes up her daily exercise so she doesn't get complacent and bored.

Want to get a body like Candice's? You will need to be working out 3-4 times per week and include Cardio, Butt, Arms, and Core in to your routine!

Here are some of the exercises you could include:

  • Skipping: 20 Mins at a time
  • Boxing (Grab a partner and go)
  • Yoga
  • Resistance Training
  • Running

But of course it isn't all about exercise, it's what you are putting in your body as well. It's time to cut out the bad and introduce the good. Try adding more veggies, protein rich foods, drinking lots of water and when you have a craving eat in moderation.