Monique Ceccato Of Little Miss Mon Bon

Posted: Mar 31 2014



We are so excited to share blogger babe Monique from Little Miss Mon Bon in our Oban Playsuit. We love who she has paired it with a classic black heel and a strong, deep red lip.

You can view Monique's entire post here: Throw Another Shrimp On The Barbie



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What are your favorite trends for Autumn Winter?
I won't lie, I am not much of a trend follower... I can tell you a few key pieces that I will be buying though? I am saving my pennies for a good pair of leather tracksuit pants, glitter boots/flats and some pastel hued sweaters.

What do you love most about blogging?
I love the community that bloggers have created for themselves. I have only ever experienced great camaraderie between bloggers - we are all happy to help each other out, head out to events together, take photos for each other - and that a part of that camaraderie is healthy competition. We all drive each other to achieve certain things. The day it starts to get a nasty sort of competitive I will die a little inside.
To me blogging is my creative outlet. It allows me to be 100% myself, rather than the Mon my workplace demands.

What do you do when you're not blogging?
I am just being a rad chick really. Jokes. I am a retail assistant in a children's clothing store. Pretty standard. I used to dance and teach dance also, but something had to give between work, dance and the blog. 
Favourite place to go in WA?
There are SO many great places here! Coral Bay, which is on a section of the Ningaloo Reef up north, is divine in the July break. They have banned fishing on the inner side of the reef, so you can literally stand in knee deep water and pat schools of GIANT snapper fish. Who ever thought you could pat a fish?! The further north you head (i.e. up to Broome and even Darwin), the more tropical the weather, which makes for a great holiday destination.
I also love heading down south. Anywhere from Bunbury (my hometown) through to Albany (home town of the lovely Zanita Morgan!) is just perfection. We have some of the most beautiful beaches, and they are so different from one end of the state to the other. The beauty of our southern region is that it is bursting at the seams with world class boutique wineries, cheeseries (I feel like the correct word here would be "dairy farms"), chocolate factories and breweries. If you ever get sick of the beach (never), there is still so much to explore and sink your teeth into... literally.
When people visit Perth, I always tell them to explore our port side town of Fremantle, hang out at Cottesloe beach or spend some time cafe and bar hopping on the Beaufort St strip in Mt Lawley.

You're coming to Sydney this week - what activities are on your must do list?
I sure am! Excited is an understatement! I have used the most credible source of "cool" - Instagram - to compile my to-do list and that list currently includes (but is not limited to) heading to Grounds of Alexandria for some mad eats, doing Bondi to Bronte, instagramming a photo of the beach pool at Bronte, heading to Adriano Zumbo's famed patisserie and rolling out of there, getting gelato from gelato messina (and also rolling out of there) and throwing my wallet willingly at as many shop keepers as possible. I see a developing trend here... lots of food and lots of rolling out of places. 

What can't you live without?
Music. Music is literally the key to the ignition of my happy. Gross, I can't believe I even formulated that sentence. Forget that sentence. 
Get me talking about certain bands or songs and you will lose me to a curtain of euphoric memories.
On the same level as music is coffee. If I don't get my morning coffee I don't talk... except to yell at parked cars, moving cars, pedestrians, anything really.

Five things you don't leave your house without?
Phone, keys, wallet, pants (covering myself adequately is essential) and a big fat smile!

What's on your playlist at the moment?
Delete - DMA's
Dream a Little Crazy - Architecture in Helsinki
Milk - Kings of Leon
Rum N Coca Cola - Jenny Broke The Window
Anything by Raleigh Ritchie!