The Golden Mark

Posted: Oct 02 2014


Ever wanted a tattoo, but you are just to scared of needles or waking up some day 20 years later with the sudden realisation of “why did I get this tattooed?” well, have no fear introducing the new “IT” accessory flash tattoos. And I really mean “IT” even our beloved queen Béy herself loves them. These metallic tatoos can last up to a week and can go just about anywhere you wish to put them on your body. Think back to when you were a child and getting that oh so great gum that came with a free tattoo, well flash tattoos are pretty much the new version of that minus the free gum but oh well! Who needs it when you will look this great. This hot new trend is perfect for anyone who wants to add an edgy accessory to their every day life. Make sure you jump onto this trend ASAP before it’s too late!!
Until next time
J.T x