Spring/Summer Make up

Posted: Oct 14 2014

This spring and summer make sure you stay fresh with some make up
trends from the runway straight to our beautiful cupcake readers.
Barefaced and beautiful: 
ironically the biggest trend for spring/sumer14 is to wear little
or no make up at all. It’s all about looking as natural as possible.
Letting your bare face shine.
Bold brows:
that’s right our beloved brows will stay bold no matter what season
but this season it’s not about the arch it’s about introducing a boyish
type brow into your life. Trust me give this a go you will never go back to the arch.
False lashes:
think Twiggy think factory girl (Eddie Sedgwick) false top and
bottom lashes are in. With this look you’re going to look like
the modern day Jane Birkin.
The graphic cat eye: 
mix it up a bit this season with revamping your beloved cat eye,
and making it more graphic/ futuristic by changing your liner shape
to sharp flicks or angular shapes.
The many shades of orange:
brighten up your daily make up routine by adding some
fun orange lipstick. I mean any colour orange from
neon to coral, make your lips the statement this season.
White liner: 
A trend from the 90’s has made its way back: white eyeliner
on both the bottom and top of your eyelids. This look is fresh
and fun when paired with a pop of orange or pink lipstick.
Also you don’t have to apply to both bottom and top,
just apply to the top of your eyelid and it’ll add instant fun
to your daily make up routine.
So this spring/summer give these make up trends a go.
Untill next time J.T x