"It girl"

Posted: Feb 27 2015

She is a model/ ”It girl”/ part time TV host and full time trendsetter, and yes we are talking
 about the one and only Alexa Chung. Let’s be honest as if you ever haven’t sighed
under your breath “why can’t I be Alexa Chung” Why is it that we love her so much?
Is it because of her perfect ombre hair, the way she always nails her cat eye, the fact that
anything and everything she wears sends us into a “I MUST HAVE THIS” state,
her love for karaoke, the fact that she dated and Arctic monkey (and yes we are still
crying over their breakup), she made being tomboy look chic, Mulberry created a bag
in her honour, the fact that designers and brands throw endless amounts of
clothing and accessory’s at her for free, she is friends with every celebrity, she wrote
a kick ass book, she is even a DJ I mean the list is endless for why we love this
“It girl” and to be honest I think we are going to continue to love her
till our little Alexa Chung hearts can’t take anymore.
Until next time