Cap Toe Heels

Posted: May 24 2012

It's impossible to have escaped the cap-toe trend - women everywhere are going CRAZY BANANAS over them. We here at Cupcake love the modern day interpretation of the 1957 Coco Chanel cap-toe shoe. It's great to see such a timeless shoe be modernised to be feminine and edgy all at once. 

Our absolute favourites are the Zara Court heels - they combine pastels, metallic accents, and a capped toe - three major trends this season. Some of our other favourites which made the cut are the image below!

1// Christian Louboutin Un Bout Pumps

2// ASOS Sidney heel

3// Zara Court Show

4// VInce Comuto Prue Pump

5// Christian Louboutin Just Picks Studded Pumps

6// Zara Court Shoes in Yellow