Posted: Jun 20 2012




Geneva has converted this lemony soft pants in to some very stylish shorts in a couple of easy to copy steps! Gosh she is a clever girl, making these in only 20 minutes!!

You need:

-Thrifted trousers to create the shorts (or ready-made shorts) 

-White pom pom trimming 

- Scissors

-Needle and thread or a sewing machine

Geneva's steps:

1. If, like me, you are converting trousers into shorts, use a pin to mark the length of the shorts you want and then cut the shorts off, making sure to leave an allowance for the hem.

2. Roll the hem over (including the lining if there is one) and iron down.

3. Using your sewing machine (or by hand) sew the hem down.

4. Sew the pom pom trim onto the hem, which can again either be done by hand or with a machine.

5. Finished! It couldn't be easier right?

Images and instructions: A pair and a spare (Geneva)