A Beautiful Mess - DIY

Posted: Jul 17 2012



A Beautiful Mess is hands down one of our most favourite blogs. We're constantly checking back in to see new posts. Elsie and Emma are just so creative and inspiring. Here we are re-posting one of their fabulous DIY projects. We love flowers and any new ways to display them - so it made sense to show you their project.  

Elsie and Emma's steps:

1. Supplies: 3-4 pallets in similar sizes but varied colors. If you can't find colored pallets, consider painting a few for a similar look. Make sure they aren't rotten or warped. 6-8 empty (clean) paint buckets or large aluminum cans (think bulk sized beans) as planters. A hammer and nails for pulling planks off and nailing them together. A Dremel rotary tool is really handy for cutting through nails if you have one and want to make this a quick job. 1 bag of potting mix, flowers in two sizes, garden gloves, safety goggles, and 2-4 screw hooks if you have a chain link fence. If you are hanging this onto a wooden fence I suggest a screw hook and eye set. 2. Choose which pallet to use as your base and then pull all of the planks off except the ends and middle. Pull planks off the other pallets as well. 3. Then arrange them in a patchwork style. You may need to cut some planks to fit. Finally, nail them all down to the supporting planks. 4. Hammer nail holes into the bottoms of your paint buckets and cans for drainage. 5. Choose the side with the seam and nail two holes vertically into your paint buckets. It's okay if it flattens. One hole will work for the smaller cans. 6. Use your can holes as templates and mark where you'll nail into the pallet. To get your arrangement place the larger cans in an odd triangle on your pallet and then add smaller ones to fill in the gaps. 7. Add your nails on your marks and lean your pallet up against where you want it. Add your buckets and fill them with potting soil and plants. 8. Add hook screws to the back of your pallet to secure them to your chain link fence or hook-and-eye screws to attach them to a wooden one. Water your plants and admire your work.

Thanks for sharing your project girls!

(All images of this beautiful vertical garden courtesy of ABM BLOG)