Five Minutes With Brittaney Blanchard | Model

Posted: May 10 2013


We spent five minutes with Australian/ International model Brittaney Blanchard, asking her the tricks of the trade and her daily essentials.

Enjoy reading over this mega babes answers! We love having her here weekly at Cupcake!

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1. How long have you been modeling for?
I've been Modelling for around about 3 years with Viviens. 
2. What has been your favourite job to date?
I certainly couldn't choose between a favourite, as everyone I have had the pleasure
to work with have been so great! 

3. What do you prefer catwalk or editorial?
Both are totally different, I love to take on Various characters for editorials, and
the runway is such an adrenaline rush. So I love them equally for different reasons.

4. What's playing on your ipod at the moment?
'Otto Knows' is one of my latest additions. 

5. Three items which are a must have in your handbag?
I can't live without my organic coconut oil 'I use it for many things, like lip
balm, sunscreen and I also eat it, my iPad to keep in communication with the world
and last but not least a handful of sunflower seeds and nuts to keep me energized. 

6. Three items which you always take with you on a shoot?
My shoe bag, a good book to read and a large bottle of water to keep my hydrated. 

7. What advice would you give to young girls wanting to become a model?
Dream big, be true to who you are, and eat healthy to stay in shape, avoid diets. 

8. Favourite trend right now?
Im a big fan of Ear cuffs 

9. Favourite clothing label/designer?
I'm loving Cooper, but there is so many others that I equally love. 

10. After a full day of shooting or showings, how do you like to unwind
and what beauty product is your savior?
A good movie or massage to relax and unwind, a fresh coconut and a bit of browsing
on the Internet.