Five Minute With Abbey Palmer | Vacant Lake

Posted: Jun 03 2013


 Our Interview with  Abbey Palmer // Vacant Lake

Tell us a little about Vacant Lake: I started my blog, Vacant Lake, a couple of years ago (its 2nd birthday is actually this June) to expand my skills as a graphic designer. Since then it's blossomed into my portfolio for both my graphic design work and to showcase my interest in DIY and low budget fashion.  

You're a digital artist, what does your day to day work life involve?: The sister companies I work for (The Prop House and VM+) are in the event theming and visual merchandising industry. My job is to bring proposals to life by creating images of what an event or display will look like for clients. I'm also the main admin of our Facebook pages and design all our promotional and marketing material.   

How would you best describe your style?: I would say to some degree that I lean toward a minimalism sort of style. This also reflects on my preferred design style.   

What are your top favourite blogs at the moment?: Love Aesthetics, Hattie's Hideaway, Circa-Now and Substance of course ;)  

It's becoming quite chilly now, what will we see you wearing this Australian winter?: I just bought a pair of white high waisted jeans so I'll be wearing the heck out of them. I feel most comfortable in a pair of jeans and a fitted jumper over a collard shirt with a beanie. 

We know you love beauty/hair products, what are your five essential products?: I've recently begun to cut down my use of products, so I'm pretty limited unfortunately. Formula 10.0.6's One Smooth Operator face scrub is a big favourite and anything from the Simple range. Regular products include Maybelline's Baby Lips lip balm, 1000 hour eyelash and eyebrow tint and Sportsgirl's Pout About It lipstick in red.  

Where are your favourite places to hang out in Brisbane?: I spend most of my free time in the city and the South Bank Parklands lately. I like Brew Bar and GOMA is always on my list when there's a new exhibition.  

Any pro tips when it comes to fashion and revamping some old favourites?: Deconstruct your garment in your mind and think about the elements you no longer like about it and what you would prefer instead. You might think the buttons look outdated and cheap, so replace them with some new buttons to your taste.   

What are some of your favourite pieces we're stocking currently?: You really shouldn't ask me to choose! But in all seriousness I love the Tetris Knit jumper and To Dye For Overalls.   

You can visit Abbey's Blog - Vacant Lake and follow her on Facebook and Instagram: @vacantlake