Hairspiration | The Perfect Bun

Posted: Jun 17 2013




The bun is making a major comeback, sweeping the catwalks - from large 60s styles to neat knots. But one we can't get enough of is: The Messy Bun. 

We have a little quick tutorial on how to achieve the perfect, imperfect low bun (by our girl Ally Carey)!

1. This style works best with a bit of movement in the hair. I'd suggest adding mousse after you wash it to add body to your hair.  Also: If you like a lot of volume back comb gently at the roots!

2. Using your fingers pull your hair back to a low pony tail and fix in place at your neck using a hair elastic. Fold your ponytail in half pulling it half way through - a half knot if you will [with the tip sticking out]. Wrap remainder of your hair around the base of the knot and add bobby pins to secure ends of hair. 

3. Mess it up a little more and then spray with hairspray.

It's a super easy/ convenient style and we are so glad they're coming back in!

A benefit of a bun: tie your hair in a bun overnight and the next morning you will have wavy hair - so you can save time and give your hair a much needed rest from your GHD!


Images sourced from Tumblr and Google.