Five Minutes With Tracie Weaver | Makeup Artist Extraordinaire

Posted: Jun 20 2013





We have the pleasure of spending time asking Tracie Weaver questions about her time in the fashion/makeup industry. It's great to get some insight in to how successful artists get their start and gain some tips along the way. 


1. How did you start in the makeup industry?

I was a hairdresser, so I think I naturally fell into makeup. 

2. Did you have an artistic background growing up?

Yes, My mother was a costume designer and my father is a musician.. I was a ballet dancer and a child with a very active imagination.    

3. Did you have any formal makeup training? 

Yes, I learnt in various training schools in Brisbane, and Joe Blasco in West Hollywood..    

4. What is your daily routine as a makeup artist going on a job?

Prepare my kit based on the brief, Arrive 15-20 mins early, Model/client preparation, Application, Routine touch ups and and changes required.. Maybe some hairstyling.. Keeping my area clean and standing for long periods of time..

5. On a job do you have creative freedom or do you meet with client/photographer to see what kind of look they're going for?

It can depend on the job, For a collaborative creative piece it is like a personal art work with the input of others, this would include the input of the photographer and fashion stylist.. 

On commercial shoots, there is a very strict idea on what the client is looking for..

There is the odd occasion where I get full creative control.     

6. If we took a peek in your makeup kit what would we see?

A variety of textures, colours, brands. Nailpolish, makeup, hair gear and oddities! It is a kaliedoscope of organised chaos..    

7. What are your favourite brands? 

MAC, Face Atelier, Makeup Forever, Beauty blender, Bioderma.  

8. Any beauty tips for our Cupcake readers? 

Use a cotton tip dipped in eye-drops to clean eyeliner from the inner rim of the eye. Hydrate the skin by eating greens and drinking water. Always read your ingredients on your skin care and makeup labels. Match your foundation to your skin on your face, not your hand. Add a little shine, but use it sparingly..    

9. What is your advice to aspiring makeup artists? 

Assisting an established artist is your best form of work experience. Think logically before taking of a 'no pay' job. Whats in it for you?. The skin is always your first priority. Never sit down until break time. Keep on the ball and watch your makeup when it is being photographed.    

10. What is your favourite make-up trend for 2013? 

Luscious brows! I am loving fluffy brows teamed with perfect matte skin and velvet lips.. Burberry Prorsum Summer 2013.. Perfect example..

We love Tracie's work and her use of colour and incredible technique! What a talented lady! You can view more of Tracie's work on her website - Thank You Tracie for taking the time to have a chat!