Five Minutes With Jasmine Dowling | Blogger and Graphic Designer

Posted: Jun 28 2013






 We spent five minutes chatting with the lovely Jasmine Dowling - A Brisbane creative who has it all - beauty, brains and substance.

Tell us a little about your career background – what led you to graphic design originally?:

Jasmine: As a child I loved handwriting and that turned into a love of graphics class in later years. Leaving school I studied a Multimedia Design degree where I realised my one true love was graphic design and switched to study at the Queensland College of Art.  

What have been some favourite design projects for you lately?:

Jasmine: Some of my favourites have been custom typography projects that I used for a personal magazine design, typeface design and multiple prints.      

Which Australian designers, artists or creative people are you liking at the moment?: 

Jasmine: I am crushing on Ashley Goldberg (a pattern-lover and creative), Helen Bayley the lovely lady behind Love Star and the typography queen Jessica Hische.   

Can you list for us 5 resources across any media that you gain inspiration from?:  

Jasmine: I love a bit of Pinterest to gain inspiration for anything from fashion to design. Fashion prints, colour and texture is always a huge influence for me, so clothing from pattern magicians like Gorman, Karen Walker, Antipodium are some of my favourites. The Hungry Workshop website/instagram is one of my favourite design workshops to gain aesthetic inspiration from. I also love looking through design/art folio books one of my favourites being Infinite Pattern by Ginko Press. Music is also a huge inspiration for a lot of my illustrated quote prints.      

We love all your quote/typography prints. Does it take long to create these?:  

Jasmine: It depends on the style of typography but usually it takes about an hour and a half for each from pencil to paper to print.       

What does a typical day at work involve for you?:

Jasmine:  First things first, Coffee. Then I normally spend the rest of the day in my design cave sketching, painting, crafting and designing, sending numerous emails then an end of day trip to the post office.        

Your favourite Brisbane hangout spot?: 

Jasmine: My favourite space would have to be either the State Library or the Gallery of Modern Art.    

Brisbane's best kept secret?:  

Jasmine: I’m not sure if its quite a secret but Shucked Coffee House in Newstead does the best breakfast and strong coffee I’ve had in a while!      

We love your style blog! How would you describe your style?:  

Jasmine: This is a hard one! I think it depends on the day, I love to dress depending on my mood and where I am going. Overall though I would say I am a pretty feminine dresser, who is a lover of texture, pattern and volume.      

What trends are you excited about at the moment?: 

Jasmine: I am loving anything and everything patterned at the moment. Give me polka dots, stripes, animal prints any day! I also can’t get enough of fedora’s in this cooler weather.       

Three items you couldn't live without?:

Jasmine: My phone (being an Instagram addict), my watch and a perfect pair of Karen Walker sunglasses.

Thanks so much Jasmine for giving us an insight in to your daily life as a Graphic Designer, your inspiration and your personal style. We love your work and can not wait to see where it takes you!

To follow Jasmine's work and creative journey, follow her blog (here) and her Instagram @jasminedowling (where you can also buy her quote prints)