Five Minutes With Jess Marshall | Blogger, Model, Photographer

Posted: Sep 19 2013

Jess is wearing our Guru Top

We caught up with Gold Coast Blogger/ Model/ Photographer (ultimate slashie alert) Jess Marshall to get an insight in to her busy scheudle, inspiration and view on fashion. She is definitely a talented girl and we just can't get enough!

1 What is your favourite trend of the moment? Some that I really love at the moment are the classy midriff and the always classic stripe & I have an appreciation for well cut asymmetrical garments. I also love to mix and match trends every season.

2 What was your favourite show from NYFW? Some of my favorite shows were Tommy Hilfiger, Custo Barcelona, Ralph Rucci just to name a few...

3 How long have you been modelling for? What is your favourite thing about modelling? I have been modelling for about 3 years now.. I'd say my favorite thing about modelling is the fun of taking on different persona's for each job and having the opportunity to meet and work with amazing industry creatives.

4 You're a photographer as well! When did you first realise you wanted to be a photographer? I have always been drawn to anything creative ever since I was very young.. I remember getting one of those old kodak film camera's as a child and just snapped everything around me..ever since then I haven't stopped.

5 Where is your favourite place to go on the Gold Coast for coffee, a drink or a delicious meal? I like to try out different places all the time.. I recently had coffee date at BSKT cafe in Mermaid Beach and the coffee was absolutely amazing!

6 What are you listening to at the moment? I am just a little obsessed with Flume at the moment.

7 What are your plans for the future for Modelling/ Photography/ Blogging? My plans for the future are to keep doing what I love. I'd ideally want to keep doing them all as I see them all as a hobby more so then work. If the opportunity arose I would love to work for a magazine or somewhere where I can create.

8 We love your blog! How would you best describe your style? I'd say I describe my own style as feminine and a little edgy..and I am a definite mood dresser.

9 Most coveted Cupcake pieces? I have a pair of cute pineapple shorts from Cupcake and it feels like summer every time I put them on!

10 What are your beauty secrets? Lets see.. I drink a lot of water & coconut water, try to get at least 10 minutes of Vitamin D in every day and a must is I always take my makeup at the end of the day to let my skin breathe.

11. Favourite blogs to read? Some of my favourite blogs at the moment are How Two Live, Substance Blog & Gary Pepper Vintage.

You can view Jess' blog Jeskaalee here and follow her on Instagram: @jeskaalee

All images are owned by Jess Marshall