5 Beauty We All Make | We tell you how you can correct them

Posted: Nov 07 2013

Practice Good Brows:

Unless you're blessed with Cara's eyebrows, don't go overboard with you start to fill in your strays! Instead, fill in gaps and spaces, then lightly go over existing hairs. We've all seen the "drawn on look" and it just isn't a good look! Less is best!

Say No To The Chip:

If it's chipped, remove it! Don't paint over already painted nails, they won't look polished and it will just chip again. If you happen to chip while you're out in public, we suggest keeping some nail polish removal pads in your bag. There are a lot of different brands on the market now - we say "when in doubt, go without", because no polish is better than chipped polish!

Don't Hide Behind A Mask:

We've all been guilty of this when it comes to foundation - tell-tale lines along the jaw, a mask-like appearance, too-dark colors? Foundation is meant to blend in to your skin. It should take you 2-3 minutes to apply, any less and you fun the risk of looking like it's sitting right on top of your skin. Try working it in in a buffing motion. Also, remember to always give your moisturiser and primer time to absorb.

Concentrate On The Ends:

A common mistake by all is conditioning your whole head, when really, only the last five centimeters of your hair needs it. This results in oily roots and flat hair. You only need as much as a 5 cent piece. We know that never feels enough, but beauty experts live by this rule!

Don't Over Do It:

The easiest way to make a blemish settle is apply a blemish cream, and then just leave it! The reason it doesn't go away fast is because we get impatient, apply the cream and then an hour later we're in front of the mirror again using all our strength to squeeze the life out of it. This just introduces more bacteria and thus, creating a bigger problem! Our advice: Don't over do it!

Images: Google, vogue.com